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Lots of companys are always running Sweepstakes, giving away BIG (and sometimes small) prizes to their customers. Some Sweeps can be entered only one time, others daily, and some come with instant win games.

A great place to begin is to do the Daily Sweepstakes, especially the ones with Instant Wins. If you do them all daily for a month you will most likely win something even if its just a free small product!

SweepAndWin currently has 3 sweepstakes giving out $144,500 in total prizes!

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These are the last 25 Sweepstakes that have been added.
Gabriel HiJackers 50th Anniversary El Camino Sweepstakes ViralSweep (8/30/17)
1967 El Camino ($25,000)
Publisher Clearing House: $5,000 a Week for Life (2/18/16)
Grand Prize: $5,000/Week for Life
Mars Chocolate ‘Candy Bowl’ Instant Win Game Daily Instant Win (2/27/16)
50,000+ Winners: Candy Bar, Shirts, and NFL Trip

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